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If you're aspiring for a distinguished professional career then it's very important to be successful in competitive examinations. Excellent course material, experienced faculty and a committed management have built "Relic" into the most trusted company in the area of preparing students for competitive entrance examinations for admission to professional courses. Our understanding of the student's needs at different stages of their preparation has been the guiding force behind the structure and methodology of each course at “Relic” and also the secret of success of our students.


Since 2007 Relic Academy has 3 consecutive Pune Toppers. In 2011 Abhinandan Tripathi OMS Student scored (99.90%tile) & he was topper of Relic.




  • Relic Academy is the true pioneer in MCA CET since 1998
  • MBA ENtrance
  • T. Y. B. Sc.
    (IT & Computer Science)


Hiren Vasani
For MCA-CET we have one and only but best solution i.e. Relic Academy..
Lalita Koshe
Thanks to Relic Academy, Only because of Relic Academy I Have got really very good percentile.