About Relic Academy

Relic's Vision…
To be a trendsetter with a planned approach towards career development

Our Mission…
Being the catalyst for success

We Believe…
Education is the key to India's future, which will be distinctly shaped by our creative minds, dynamic youth, spirited entrepreneurs, dedicated professionals, hardworking people and sensitive leaders. Each one of us is capable of being successful. Our philosophy is to help each aspirant to discover and exploit his/her latent potential through a structured knowledge sharing process.

Our Success…
Relic Academy is designed to prepare aspiring students in laying out a firm groundwork for their future. The organization is led by a team of dynamic entrepreneurs, with a resolute belief to create a distinctive identity in the field of training. Relic upholds its values by a commitment to respond effectively to the transformations in the changing environment. Since its inception, Relic is noted for providing extensive training and development opportunities to its students, faculties and associates.

As is the irony, what makes you a contestant isn't enough to make you a winner. The intention of Relic is to inspire students to accept this challenge and ensure that career fulfillment is attained using the right approach.

We have established a niche for ourselves in the arena of competitive examinations. Our learning processes are developed with a conviction to help students to go forward. Our pride, our success is in our students who have come out with flying colours in the examinations. Each one of them started with a dream, a dream of being an achiever and an ambition to build a successful career.

Relic’s Approach…
  • Extensive guidance from trained faculty
  • Proven teaching methodology
  • Emphasis on practice and continuous test solving
Our Policy….
  • Teaching methodology which encourages constructive learning
  • Institutionalized teaching methods “faculty training and skill development” sustaining excellence in the field of education
  • Encouraging interactions to foster self development

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  • Relic Academy is the true pioneer in MCA CET since 1998
  • MBA ENtrance
  • T. Y. B. Sc.
    (IT & Computer Science)


For MCA-CET we have one and only but best solution i.e. Relic Academy
&Its best because of their way of teaching, Bi-weekly Exams, Good study material & highly Experienced teaching & support Staff.
Hiren Vasani