Hiren Vasani (99.06 %tile) MAH-MCA-CET (Dadar Batch 2009-10)
For MCA-CET we have one and only but best solution i.e. Relic Academy
& Its best because of their way of teaching, Bi-weekly Exams, Good study material & highly Experienced teaching & support Staff.
The main feature of Relic academy is their Mock Test. They take Mock Exams before actual CET, This experience helps students in time allocation, he also helps student to get rid of exam fear, even actual CET comes with similar types of question.

Lalita Koshe (99.75 %tile) MAH-MCA-CET (Thane Batch 2011-12)

Thanks to Relic Academy, Only because of Relic Academy I Have got really very good percentile. Faculties in Relic Academy were excellent, helpful, Co-Operative, experienced & they taught their subjects in such manner that students can easily understand the subject. Relic Academy knows exactly what to teach to students for crack MCA CET & to score maximum percentile. The study material which Relic Academy provides is more than enough to understand concept, basic & all the subjects. Study material consists of Home assignment & Question banks for regular practice. I really like Difficulty solving sessions because faculty pay personal attention to every students & that help me to solve the difficult problems. Mock Tests is very important preparation for any CET & Relic Academy took 10 Mock Test before actual test, which help me to correct my mistakes, to make time management, to build my confidence, to prepare for actual test.

Jaitheradevi Pathirapandi(99.03 %tile) MAH-MCA-CET (Dadar Batch 2011-12)

I really thank Relic Academy for my success. Relic Academy provides fantastic coaching by covering every topic which is needed to excel in MCA entrance exam. Relic Academy professors are exceptionally good; especially professors like Parag Oak, Sandra Mam, Naveen Reedy, Manoj Saigal are Excellent.       

Onkar Kishor Gaonkar (99.53 %tile) MAH-MCA-CET (Dadar Batch 2011-12)

Relic academy has great experience in teaching field, has good quality notes, has well co-operative and qualified faculties who provide good knowledge and solve the doubts regularly. Subjects are taught in such a way that the basic concepts become strong. Regular tests are taken which were very helpful. The timings of classes were also well adjusted and suitable.